Scoring & Stenciling

Patterns and custom designs can be cut into or stenciled onto concrete, and both techniques can greatly enhance the visual appeal of decorative floors. Practically any design can be used; popular choices are large scored ‘tiles’ which can be cut borderless across rooms or bordered within an area. Stenciling can be used with or in place of scoring, and is useful for both large patterns and intricate designs and logos.

Scoring the concrete provides an opportunity to use color creatively within room-sized patterns. This 1980s era home was stained with umber and tan acid stains. The rooms were previously carpeted.

The cutting here is done to provide large scored sections. The scorelines can give visual containment for additional stain colors, or just provide a large 'block' pattern relative to spaces of any size. 

Bathrooms and other small spaces can benefit from the visual interest provided  by smaller patterns, scored borders without patterns, and stand-alone designs.

Three examples of exterior scoring in an irregular 'slate tile' pattern. As with all scoring the individual pattern can be customized. On existing surfaces where concrete stamping is not a good option, stamped patterns can be successfully replicated with scoring.